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We have been the leading association of garden centers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 1998.

We cooperate with more than 60 suppliers from Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

About us

We have been on the market since 1998. We carry out joint purchases of plants (concepts) and marketing activities. We go together to buy plants in Europe, we visit fairs and exhibitions, we organize annual meetings with suppliers.

In 2024, our association has a total of 22 members, with a total of 26 garden centers. 15 in the Czech Republic and 11 in Slovakia.

Join our suppliers
  • We cover garden centers throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • We make central orders for all garden centers
  • We have our own transport and will quickly change CC carts
  • We send blank CC to Flora Holland account
  • We carry out loadings on a precisely specified date
  • We allow payment in advance on the first purchase
  • We guarantee payment of the invoice within the specified time
  • You send one invoice for all garden centers
  • Advertising in flyers or TIP magazine or in the TOP catalog
  • Quick and hassle-free arrangement
  • We buy a wide range of products
Common concepts

we made joint and countless individual orders in 2023

Transported carts

CC were transported trucks in cooperation with our logistics network for the year 2023

Association turnover
€ 40 mil.

is the turnover we achieved as an association in 2023

Transport a logistics

We cooperate with a number of important logistics companies that ensure the import of plants and goods for us several times a week.

They transport the plants in their own isothermal trucks under controlled temperature, so that the plants arrive at our garden centers in the best quality and in the shortest possible time. We restock fresh plants several times a week, including weekends.

We have a large number of CC trolleys and, thanks to our carriers, we are flexible in returning backup packaging and transport trolleys.

Range of goods

We offer a wide range of products from live plants to farm products, food, fruit and vegetables to garden chemicals, tools and decorations.

Of course, there is a seasonal assortment for Christmas, Easter and other holidays. We are open to cooperation with suppliers of any assortment that would expand our portfolio.

Offer your product range to us
Our private label

Own advertising tools

We print leaflets to promote gardening products that are exceptional for the customer in terms of price or range 7 times a year.

Leaflets are distributed both to mailboxes of households and to individual garden centers in the association.

At least 50,000 catalogs per year. We publish 2 catalogues during the year: “All-year” and “Vegetables and annuals”.

Catalogue products are available in all garden centers. Catalogues are divided into chapters according to use for quick customer orientation. Interesting graphics, inspiring photos, trends and news in the gardening range.

Catalogs are given to customers at garden centers for free with purchases over a certain price.

Inspirational periodical for readers interested in the garden, house and apartment. 5 issues are published every year: TIP Pre-Spring, TIP Spring, TIP Summer, TIP Autumn and TIP Winter. In TIP magazine, we provide advertising space to our partners and suppliers.

Prices are on request, do not hesitate to contact us.

It goes without saying that we promote the products we offer at discounted prices and introduce news from our association on social networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Social responsibility

We are happy that through Doctors Without Borders we can also be part of a good cause. That’s why we had our private brand of peat, horticultural substrate and mulch bark produced, and from each bag sold, 2.50 CZK or 0.1 € goes to Doctors Without Borders.

In total, we have donated over
CZK 3,3 mil.
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Just fill out a short form and send us an offer of your product range. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

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With us you will cover the whole of the Czech Republic and Slovakia

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